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“The most striking thing about Tony Williams’ Urban Nutcracker is that if it weren’t for Tony Williams, there is probably not a single kid in the production who would appear in a ballet program anywhere. “

Huffington Post, 2017

Life: In Color

A 360-degree dance extravaganza featuring jazz and rock-n-roll music from the 1960s to today told through a plethora of dance styles. A touching human story surfaces as emotion is explored through color–literal and metaphorical– while your senses are stimulated throughout the nightclub-esque venue.  The sounds of former eras bring us into our current political and social climate, confronting us with reflections of the past through choreography of today.  A thought-provoking immersive-dance experience for all ages is compunded with a message of hope and determination for tomorrow’s Life: In Color.  Oberon Theater, Cambridge MA, 2017.